Today many artists have ran for the hills and decided to go to the reality scene to
get quick recognition; however  Larry Hawthorne has decided to go old school
and work hard ethic to realize his dream and not seek instant success that has
so often left many artists in a position much worse than when they started.


 The  music business has changed and that change has transcended into
either have a hit song or get dropped by the label.
Larry knows that the best thing to having a good sound is to have a good
live performance that supports that good recorded sound.
A show has to be like a roller coaster ride as well as being unpredictable so
that people want to see what happens next as with Larry you never know
what Larry is going to do but you do know whatever it is then it is well worth the wait.
Larry and Neek.   Larry singing to guest Michi.

Larry and Neek. Larry singing to guest Michi.

Performing live shows for up to two hours has to be special and this is Larry’s strong point.


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